Quick Weight Loss Workshop

In our live quick weight loss workshop presented at Laux Chiropractic & Weight Loss Clinic, Dr. Jon Laux and Trish Laux talk about how our program works. You'll see several before and after pictures. You'll also learn about your body's choices for energy and the difference between the Laux Weight Loss Program and traditional diets. Learn about the primary cause of the majority of weight problems. See what a typical day and sample menus on the Ideal Protein program look like. Learn about the 4 Phases of the weight loss system. Learn about what you can expect to feel like when doing the program and how you can improve your long term health. It includes questions and answers and how to get started on the program.

Live Weight Loss Workshop Video Picture

Please complete the form below if you would like to attend the next workshop at our office. A member of our staff will confirm with you the next in person workshop that will work with your schedule.

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